Konnective is suitable for any organisation that needs to communicate securely to a set of members. This makes it perfect for schools, sporting clubs or for messaging employees in the workplace.

Users register using their email address. To get started you can upload a list of email addresses, which will automatically invite them to join Konnective.

Yes. Konnective lets you setup multiple 'feeds'. Feeds are groupings of people that you want to communicate with (for example, parents).  You can set up as many feeds as you like.  If you are a school for example you might like to set up a feed for each year level, one for general school communications and one to communicate with staff internally. This way you can ensure your news and events are relevant to those you send them to.

That's up to you. Konnective offers you complete control over who gets to see your communication. When you setup your feeds you can specify whether they are:

Public - anyone can view them

Requires Approval - parents or members can request access but you authorise who sees that feed

Invite Only - no one will see this feed unless you invite them.

There is an iPhone app for iPhone users that is available in the AppStore and an Android app is available in the Google Play store.

For other smartphone users there is a web-based mobile app. For people that don’t have a smartphone, Konnective is available via app.konnective.com.au.

Yes. Just set up a feed specifically created for your intended group of people and you can communicate securely and easily with this group.

Konnective comes with an easy to use website for adding News and Events. It is a very quick process to add new content. It takes just a few minutes to post a news item or event.

Yes, you have the flexibility to post any of these items to a news or event post.

Users will receive an alert (via a push notification) on their phone letting them know a news item or event has been added or updated.

Users can modify the settings in the Notification centre on their phone to decide how to receive these notifications.

Using Konnective

There are a couple of reasons why this may be happening:

  1. The email may be sitting in your Spam or Junk folders. Some email services can filter these types of messages from your inbox. If this is the case, may sure you mark the message as 'Not Spam' so you get any future emails from Konnective; or
  2. It's possible you entered in the wrong email address and the system can't get back to you. Try registering again (or resetting your password).

If your problem persists, please contact us.

Click on 'Forgot Your Password?' which can be found when you click the 'Login' button on the Konnective app or website (www.konnective.com.au). The system will ask you to enter your email address. So long as the email address is a valid one it will send you an email with instructions on how to change your password.

Go to the AppStore or Google Play and make sure you have the most up to date version of Konnective.

For iPhone/iPad users:

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications and find Konnective 
  2. Turn Notifications Off then back On again
  3. Make sure all other notification settings for Konnective are on eg. Show in Notification Centre, Sounds etc. and that you have chosen Banners or Alerts.
  4. Open the Konnective app and go to MyFeed

You should now resume receiving notifications. If you are still not receiving notifications, log out and then back into the Konnective app.

For Android users:

  1. Check in your phone's Settings that notifications have been enabled for Konnective.
  2. Logout of the Konnective app, then log back in again.

Contact Us if you need any further assistance.

Once you’ve logged in, go into the Menu and select My Connections. Then hit Add (in the top right corner) and choose which organisation/feeds are relevant to you.

You can connect to any public feeds (by clicking the Connect button) or Request Approval to be added to any other feeds that are relevant to you. Upon Requesting Approval, the connection will remain in a pending state until they can be reviewed and approved.